The Selling Process

Selling your home is an exciting journey. It involves several detailed steps. My approach is to make the selling process straightforward for you. I’m here to support you from start to finish.

Clear communication and attention to detail are key. They ensure a smooth sale that meets your goals. Rely on my expertise for guidance through each phase. Together, we’ll aim for a seamless and fruitful transaction. Let’s partner up to move you from homeowner to successful seller.

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Talk to a REALTOR

Starting with a conversation, you and I will discuss your goals and how to achieve them. I’m here to listen and provide expert advice.

Consult a Lawyer

Legal expertise is crucial. You’ll need a lawyer to help with contracts and ensure your interests are protected throughout the process.

Listing Price

Determining the right price is essential. We’ll consider market conditions and your home’s unique qualities to set a competitive listing price.

Fix Your House

A well-maintained home attracts buyers. We’ll address necessary repairs and improvements to present your home at its best.

Personalized Marketing Plan

Every home is different, and so is every marketing strategy. I’ll create a plan tailored to your property to capture the right buyers’ attention.

Offers and Negotiations

When offers come in, I’ll help you navigate them. We’ll work together to negotiate the best possible terms.

Real Property Report

A current real property report is often required. It shows the boundaries and improvements on your property.

Transfer of Ownership

The final step is transferring ownership to the buyer. Your lawyer will handle this process to ensure everything goes as planned.

Possession day

This is the day the buyer officially takes possession of the home. We’ll make sure everything is ready for a smooth handover.


I understand you may have questions at any stage. I’m here to provide answers and support, every step of the way. Contact me anytime you need clarity or guidance.

Get a Free Home Evaluation

Determining the value of your home is the starting point for any sale. I offer a free home evaluation to help you understand your property’s worth in the current market.